Elliott Bridgman represents at First Tier Tribunals, Hospital Managers Meetings and any further appeals.

As one of the premier Firm of Solicitors in Shropshire specialising in Mental Health Law we have lawyers who are members of the Law Society’s Mental Health Panel. We can help with all legal issues and act for people detained all over the Midlands including the whole of Birmingham – even if you are not detained in hospital. We also represent people held on Community Treatment Orders.

If you are detained in a hospital then:

  • We have a large team of representatives which means we can see you quickly
  • You normally won’t have to pay any legal costs
  • We can give you full advice on all aspects of mental health legislation from First Tier Tribunals to the European Court Of Human Rights
  • We will represent you at all appeals and meetings
  • We will provide you with continuity of service throughout your detention even if you are not appealing
  • If you need further help from agencies we can point you in the right direction.

We are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.

Call or email Natalie Dodds now on 01952 684544 or email natalied@elliottbridgman or alternatively request a call back and we will contact you directly.


This Firm is a Member of the Mental Health Review Tribunal.

Remember – the quicker you ring us the more we can help!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I leave hospital?
    If you are detained on a Section you will have continuous rights of appeal. Please call us and tell us what Section you are on and when you were bought into hospital and we will be able to tell you when you can appeal straight away. We will handle things for you and make sure your legal rights are protected effectively.
  • How can I appoint a Solicitor when detained in hospital?
    By calling Elliott Bridgman you can use our services immediately. We will come and see you and take over your case from then.
  • Can I be forced to take medication?
    In certain situations – yes. Please call us for further information as this is a difficult area of law.
  • Can I change my nearest relative?
    Under new Legislation – yes. As a patient you are able to request a change of Nearest Relative. For more information ring us and one of our representatives can help you.
  • How do I request a First Tier Tribunal?
    We can action this request for you immediately if you are entitled to a hearing. Alternatively hospital staff can provide you with an application form and we can help you complete it.